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Kensho Cares

Specialized product bundles to save your time!

Curated only for you.

Kensho Cares


Product type
3.75 kg
Daily Vegetables Bundle
Rs. 250.00
200 g
Thai Premix Bundle
Rs. 250.00
600 g
Everyday Exotics Premix
Rs. 630.00
650 g
Stir Fry Premix
Rs. 180.00
250 g
Morning Glow Smoothie Bundle
Rs. 95.00
600 g
Mexican Salad Premix
Rs. 525.00
1.0 kg
Kale Salad Premix
Rs. 550.00
1.0 kg
Italian Salad Premix
Rs. 235.00
Super cleanse Bundle
Rs. 535.00
1.0 kg
Veggie Salad Bundle
Rs. 690.00
0.75 kg
Italian Veggies Bundle
Rs. 370.00